Customs brokerage services 

1. Customs brokerage of imported goods for business.

2. Customs brokerage for export business goods.

3. Customs declaration for exhibitions and fairs.

4. Customs declaration for goods temporarily imported for re-export and temporarily exported for re-import.

5. Customs brokerage for goods of export-processing enterprises.

6. Customs clearance of on-spot import and export goods.

7. Customs declaration of processed goods and export goods.

8. Customs brokerage of imported goods.

9. Customs declaration of transit goods.

10. Customs declaration of non-commercial goods, gifts and sample goods.

11. Customs declaration for imported goods to create fixed assets.

Hotline: 098 9470 047

We Commit:

01.Handling procedures quickly.

02. Experienced document staff

03. Enthusiastic customer service staff

04.Reasonable price, competitive

Customer support:

With the motto “Dedicated to Customers”, we will support:

  1. Consulting customs clearance procedures for each type of import / export goods
  2. Prepare a set of documents for customers (checking documents, making declarations, printing)
  3. Look up and determine the HS code for each item
  4. Take orders, authorize at the forwarder or shipping line Register to withdraw at the yard, transfer cont quickly.